The following prices does not include taxi fares.

RMB 100 for taxi two ways, as long as you are not too far away outside

The rate below Available Only in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, For the other cities the price in the girls profile page

The rate below for the Girl We Choose For you, If You Want to choose by yourself the price is different from girl to girl and from City to City you can find the rate for every girl on the girls profile page.

Massage TypePriceTime
Full Service¥ 12001 Hour
Full Service¥ 150090 MIN
Full Service¥ 18002 Hours
Start At 12:00AM
End At 06:00 AM
¥ 3000Overnight
If you don't like the girl, You need to Pay 2 Way taxi fee

When the girl will arrive and you don't like her, she will go away without any trouble (but our girls are very pretty, and also the pictures will not show a different girl, so we are sure you will not send your dream girl away

The masseuses will Arrivle straight to your hotel or Home within 30 minutes

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Some Hotels required the in house guest to pick up the Girl from the lobby

Some Hotels required the in house guest Full Name